Hello, I’m Gomez and I’m a Non-Vegan Diabetic

October 14th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Ethics 5 Comments »

Well, Vegan Nation, MSV and I have discovered that one of our beloved gatos, Gomez, was diagnosed with diabetes last week. Yes our little Gomie of 14 years, known to all as “The Party Cat” for her love of being the Belle of the Ball while wearing her stylin’ perma-tux, has a touch of the sugar.

Of course TSV’s immediate reaction was devastation. I didn’t know much about feline diabetes so I feared the worse – for about 10 minutes. My dear friend, Mr. Internet, calmed my fears immediately and assured me that this vet’s diagnosis was by no means a death sentence for Gome. Whew!

But…insulin and home glucose testing would be part of TSV’s life for the foreseeable future. A tight schedule of shots and monitoring don’t really fit well into The Stylish Vegan’s fancy-freeness of a lifestyle. But we’re talking Gomie here, kids, so by any means necessary – to quote my dear friend, Mr. X.

Alright, I’m ready, TSV thought to myself. Let’s do some intensive research. You see, VegHeads, TSV is known for my insane obsession with research. I simply must know everything there is to know about any subject affecting my life. Within a day or two, I would be a feline diabeties expert. Yes, even moreso than Wilfred Brimley!

First thing The Stylish One discovered was to not even think of injecting my little girl without first taking her off of that high carb dry diet she’s spent her entire life devouring. The best vet and expert in feline sugar instructed me to put her on an almost zero carb, high protein diet – affectionately known as the Catkin’s Diet – how clever! No problem, just steer me toward some food and we’re on our way to low blood glucose.

Well, Veganistos, it’s one thing to feed your kitty dry food combined with some animal product that has no resemblance to actual flesh. But it’s quite another when wet food like this becomes the lifesaver for Gomie.

In case you can’t see the writing on the label, these foods are 95% meat. As in, beef, duck and venison. Here’s how the company describes it:

“To bridge the gap between what was once the ideal diet in the wild, and what science defines as an optimal nutritional profile, Natura Pet Products has developed the ideal ancestral diet: EVO.”

Vegan Nation, why do I suddenly feel like Ted Nugent? When you open these cans, gang, there’s no doubt that that’s Daffy or Bambi in the can. OMG! I’m freaking out just thinking about it! Help!

So after a bout of violent shaking and sleeplessness, TSV realized that this was without doubt the right thing to do. Cats are carnivores. They are programmed that way. And The Stylish Vegan has no right to try and force my ideals and lifestyle upon this beautiful creature of nature. (You hear that, Gome? I called you beautiful – how about that?)

The Stylish Vegan has a message to the vegan world that you may not want to hear. Cats cannot and never will be vegans. No matter how hard you try. It’s impossible. Read my lips, impossible. And trying to force one to be, is cruel and irresponsible. I don’t care what you’ve read or who told you otherwise, they’re wrong. Period.

I’ve harmed my cats through the years by not following their natural diets. I was wrong about that. Vegans, if you plan on have cat companions bear in mind, they need meat. Lots of it. The closer to nature the better. If you can’t do that, don’t get a cat. Try a cow or a hippo or an elephant but never a cat.

Here’s to Gomie! She’ll do well regardless of all the harm this vegan unknowingly afflicted upon her through the years.

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Uh-oh – TSV Is Going Non Vegan for a Few Days

September 22nd, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Ethics 2 Comments »

Vegan Nation, that odd but beautifully designed device you see above is The Stylish Vegan’s new hip! Yes, in a mere 30 days, your friend, advisor and knower of all that is style, will be flat on his back in surgery receiving this wondrous titanium contraption.

TSV has known for two years or so that this day would come eventually. But being the glutton for punishment that I am so fashionably know for, I put up with the pain…until now. It fucking hurts like you wouldn’t believe! Thus, the impending surgical procedure.

That’s where the “non vegan” part comes into play. Yes, the hospital is well aware of my nonviolent inclinations when it comes to our dear animal pals, so I’m covered food-wise. But what about all those meds, VegHeads? OMG most pharmaceuticals are made of animal parts and surely tested upon Fluffly and her kin. What’s a vegan to do?

Well, it hurts me to say this, in more ways than you know, when it comes to pain management, TSV will find himself squarely in the non-vegan camp for a few days. I just can’t see any way around it. This shit is going to hurt and if the tainted drugs of our brave new med world numb that, I’m in. Of course, I will be thinking of all those who gave their lives for the inroads in science that created these pills. TSV will have pain, in my heart, acknowledging this, but it’s something I have to do.

Vegan Nation, these are the types of decisions we face in modern times. As much as I would love to not perpetuate this practice, reality smacks me dead in the face.

Stay tuned – this is going to be one crazy-ass ride!

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The Stylish Vegan Goes Russian for the Day

August 15th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Ethics, Food, Politics, Shoes Comments Off

Well, sort of. You see, Vegan Nation, as the geopolitical winds continue to blow strongly with our inept government further pissing off the Russians, TSV thought he would check out the Russian propaganda side of the story. So as any knowledge seeking individual would do, I went right to the source; the Russian Pravda.

Now aside from upbeat and uplifting headlines like, “Russia may strike nuclear blow on Poland in case it deploys US Patriot missiles” and “War in South Ossetia may trigger new outburst of US-Russian rivalry”, TSV found this gem, “Vegetarianism proves to be perversion of nature”.

Complete with an odd accompanying photo;

the article begins with the line, “Vegetarians can be referred to as true fanatics”. And it only gets better from there VegHeads. “Some may say that there is enough protein in vegetables (beans, for example). True, but recent studies show that vegetable protein can be digested only with the help of its animal analogue.” Are you fucking kidding TSV?!

Believe me, I could quote this story all day, it’s unbelievably bizarre, but please go read it for yourselves. After reading TSV advises that you may want to see a doctor immediately since you will discover that you are dying of an endless list of health issues. But wait! There’s more!

Whilst there, take a look at some of the other vegetarian/vegan stories that Pravda is so obsessed with. Other articles drop such gems as “The specialists concluded that those eating a lot of pickled tofu have a lower brain activity.” Wow, The Stylish One better stay away from all those pickled tofu products I’m so fond of!

And of course this from still yet another article, “Children born into a family of vegetarian parents are shorter than children of non-vegetarian parents, they usually suffer from anemia and a deficiency of calcium and vitamins.” Is the Russian meat lobby really this strong?

But hands down, TSV’s favorite quote from another well-written article, (well actually there are many faves but this one is superb) “A lot of celebrities and public figures become vegans when they feel that they have had and accomplished all they could in life.” There it is, kids – the ultimate reason for going vegan! We’ve accomplished all we can in life so obviously there’s no where else to turn except to veganism. Suddenly I feel so good about myself!

Ok, Vegan Nation, there you have it, a freaky display of misinformation brought to you by “experts” and “specialists” of Russia. And they really want us to believe they’re the good guys?

Before heading out for the weekend, TSV was sent an email regarding fashion, yes, we do talk about that still, from Kevin regarding his new company The Vegan Collection. In addition to putting out affordable, animal-friendly shoes, Kev et al. donate 25% of all proceeds to organizations that are advocates for animals. Awesome!

Aight – have a great weekend all!

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Hey, Stylish, Let’s Talk Food!

July 13th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Food, General Rants Comments Off

Hey, Vegan Nation, TSV has an entire backlog of vegan golf shoes to address but food trumps the night. Let’s start with a photo of an asswipe:

Doesn’t get any more idiotic than that dude. TSV couldn’t be happier to have nothing, nada, not a thing in common with this pinhead carnie. But, VegHeads, we can always forgive non-caring carnies for their narrow mindedness when it comes to compassion; they don’t know any better, poor little babies. Remember, you can’t be angry at ignorance.

Yet, TSV has not the least bit of love toward those jackasses who call themselves “vegetarians” yet have no conception of the true meaning of the word and what it implies. Animal torture = fine, pass the queso. Animal killing = Oh, god no!! You get the wishy-washy picture.

Mmmm….we’ve been down this road before: It’s perfectly delectable to inflict constant pain and suffering upon an animal, actually quite tasty, but to murder and put it out on our egotistical dinner plate is unacceptable.

Get to the fucking point, Stylish One, I’m tired. Calm down, VegNews addict, I’m almost there. Here’s the pinnacle of stupidity in the ambiguous world of “vegetarianism”. We all know the bullshit, “I can’t give up eggs and cheese” that puts them at a subpar carnie level but TSV has found the cream of the oxymoronic, trust fund kid fad, crop. It lives in a “vegetarian” chef who must “taste” his meat creations.

Are you fucking kidding The Stylish Vegan? Really, how asinine is can you be? Hey, money-making, greedball “chef”, if you really want to be compassionate toward animals, maybe you shouldn’t be serving them skewered on an imported platter with a $20 per entree fucking smile on your smug face.

Life lesson, Vegan Nation, you are either a person of principle or a poseur who seeks nothing but a dime or two until the parents croak and your life on Easy Street kicks into full gear. We know where Chef Slimeball resides.

TSV fights daily to bring respect to veganism through fine fashion and style. This is what makes us heard and recognized as human beings who seek compassion. We don’t need a fucking pseudo vegetarian chef perputating the myth of “just pick the meat out” while wearing his Republican washed cargo shorts. We need strength, dedication, love and a burning desire to help out our underpriveleged and poorly respected animal friend.

What we don’t need are more “pretend” vegetarians who believe that they should ignore the slaughter and pain and put their faith in the shady, Rumsfeldian world of unaccountability. It’s convenient when cash money is the motivation. Just ask our “meat spitting-out-vegetarian chef; “If I could kill the cat and make a buck, I’d surely justify that too – assuming I would spit fluffly out, of course.”

Enough already. Good night kids. Maybe tomorrow the world will wake up vegan….are you fucking killing me?

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The Wonderful World of Fur Wearing Asswipes

June 6th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Ethics, General Rants, People, Style, TSVDBHF, VegNews Frivolous Celeb Comments Off

The Stylish Vegan is a bit ornery today. No, the dry cleaner did not lose my fab new pants; today, Vegan Nation, my anger lies with fur fucks. Especially celeb fur fucks. You all know my compete disdain for celebritydom after years of working with these morons, so you can imagine the seething hatred that brews when I hear of celebs who wear fur.

And the scummiest of the douches are the absolute non-talents that the least common denominator in our society have deemed worthy of praise and adulation. Since this is a men’s fashion site, Veganistos, TSV will focus upon to dumbshits who happen to be male fur fucks.

This talentless bum wearing the tortured skin of some mutilated animal is Busta Rhymes. TSV is not really sure what this jackass has done in his life to reap millions of dollars and exploit little creatures but there must be enough imbeciles out there who think he has “something”.

And they are correct – he does have something; it’s called no talent. None. Nada. Zero. If for some bizarre reason you happen to be a fan of whatever this douche does, leave this site now. Really. I don’t want you here.

Now that The Stylish One has cleared the riff raff, let’s move on to the other celeb fur fuck on our list today. Once again, it happens to be another low life whose celebrity stumps TSV. He is Sean Puff Daddy or Puff or what the fuck, get a real name – you too Busta. Anyway, here’s our master copycat artist (sorry to even use that word) in all his pelt ridden glory.

The sight of this talentless bum makes my skin crawl. Hey, there’s an idea, let’s skin him and let some cold little furry friends don his ectoplasm when attending the next mink rap bash. Seriously, VegHeads, what has this dude done other than rip off other peoples’ music and put a pathetic elctro beat to it? He can’t sing and he really, really can’t dance, so what gives? Oh yes, the least common denominator or, in other words, the majority of our wonderful country.

As you all know, TSV is a somewhat gentle soul. Right? You know that? But I give you all full permission to take a baseball bat to the head of either of these useless clowns the next time you happen to see them smiling in their dead animal skins. And make sure they know, right before you swing the lumber, that TSV sent you to deliver this skull bashing blow.

Wow – how violent! I’m sorry, gang, but The Stylish Vegan has no place for fur fucks, especially when sites like The Fur Council of America roll these shitheads “celebrities” and others out for the public to admire their bad taste in cruelty. Hey, FICA, The Stylish Vegan has a message for you:

And while you’re at it, shove it up your collective ass!

On a lighter fur note, TSV ran across a little site while researching this entry (yes, it does involve research) that turned out to be pretty cool. Check this out, it’s called KidzWorld and it has an entire bit on the awfulness of fur. Kudos to them and make sure every kid you know reads this. If they’re too young to read, you read it to them. Let’s start them young, Vegan Nation, so they don’t turn out to be like our dumbass shit-for-brains celebs we so warmly discussed today.

Ok, it’s Friday, The Stylish One is hangin’ at his fave bar sipping a nice vegan beer. You should do the same. Have an exciting and awe-filled weekend!

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It’s Earth Day! Good Luck with That.

April 22nd, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Art, General Rants, Shoes, TSVDBHF Comments Off

Vegan Nation, The Stylish One is 100% healthy and feeling mighty fine! And just in the nick of time; it’s Earth Day! As you can see from the above photo, even dumbshits like Bush et al do their best to feign interest in this planet-saving 24-hours. But the photo speaks volumes; the lunacy of “green” is now nothing more than an advertorial political tool. Gee, how surprising?

Not one to look at the moronic offerings on television (and don’t give me that HBO “intelligent programming” shit. It’s all shit wrapped in different packages.) but when I did see some programming recently, almost all of the advertisements contained the word “green”. Even the evil corporations that continually test the limits of raping the planet, are hawking “earth-friendly” products. VegHeads, TSV cannot fucking take it any more! When will this silly trend go the way of “fat-free” everything? Not soon enough for moi.

We live in a really, really stupid country. Sorry, but it’s definitely true. Look no further than the moron in the White House. The people of this nation voted these idiots into power not once but twice. That doesn’t scream intelligence, Veganistos. Ok, ok, best case scenario, 50% of the inhabitants of this fading empire are American Idol-watching, McDonald’s-eating, gas-guzzling imbeciles. You really think they give a fuck about Earth Day?? Really? If you do, you are definitely delusional.

So happy Earth Day everybody!

On a sunnier note, I am ordering shoes today (now that cheers TSV up immensely!) from our dear friends at Bourgeois Boheme.

That’s the “George” and it’s the perfect shoe for TSV’s summertime coutour. VegHeads, TSV will keep all of you U.S. vegans posted on shipping from the U.K. since these animal-friendly shoes are not available in our great nation.

Tomorrow, The Stylish Vegan will update the Vegan Nation on more summertime styles that have recently made their way into my wondrous wardrobe. Hey, what else are you going to do when you’re sick? Shop online, mis amigos.

And speaking of Spanish in Spanish, in lieu of the VegNews Frivolous Celeb of the Day, we have another installment of TSV’s Douche Bag Hall of Fame. Today, I bring you the most popular artist flooding email boxes everywhere, King JackAss, Guillermo Vargas.

If you haven’t received the famous email about the infamous artist yet, you will. Several times. According to the cyber world, Vargas apparently had an exhibit in Costa Rica where he kept a dog tied to a line in a gallery, not feeding or giving her water, until she starved to death. All in the name of art. I told you he was a Major Douche.

Well, as it goes, no one is quite sure what the truth is about the living exhibit. Guillermo claims the dog was well fed daily and was only tied for a couple of hours during the exhibit. He says the canine not only didn’t starve to death, but received the most nutrition of her life.

The first question that comes to The Stylish Vegan’s mind is, is this fucking 1910? Is Costa Rica in the far, far reaches of the planet beyond human inhabitation? This is the best info we can get? So far the news on this has been sketchy at best. Really, why isn’t there any concrete information about this??

VegHeads, TSV works in the art world as you all know. My inclination is that it is a publicity stunt to garner some PR for a fading, non-important artist. Whatever, he’s still one of the biggest asswipes for even creating such as asinine “piece of art”. Shame on you Vargas, don’t you know it’s Earth Day?!

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Can I Get a Little Head Please?

April 4th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, House & Home 3 Comments »

Vegan Nation, while The Stylish One is a minimalist at heart when it comes to home style, I understand there are lots of you gorgeous peeps out there who fancy a little whimsy in your lives. While it’s difficult for me to understand why anyone would not want to live in a 60’s post and beam white box with mid-century modern, solid patterned furniture, I am not too conceited to acknowledge their presence.

While on a visit to a home recently adorned with heads of dead animals I thought, wow, I would sure like one of those! No, actually I thought of firebombing the house with all of it’s sick, animal-abusing inhabitants inside. Can’t these moronic morons (feel free to use that) find a compassionate way to display their stuffed, death-soaked decor? No, probably not. When you’re that far gone of the “stupid” cliff, there ain’t no coming back. But hey, you certainly can!

Check this out:

These trophies come from our new friends at Cardboard Safari. The heads are actually puzzles made from premium-quality cardboard and come in a range of sizes. And for all you Greenies (roll eyes), Cardboard Safari assures us that the “cardboard is a 100% recycled, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product. The raw cardboard is made locally, further reducing the impact on the planet.” Ok, so that part makes me puke but they’re still clever and a great gift to all those crazed Neanderthal hunters in your family that are drooling over the prospect of Bambi’s head on their wall.

So go ahead, Vegan Nation, if your home decorating style includes the word “fanciful”, then by all means grab Bucky or Fred or Robbie (yes they do have names) and mount that sucker on a wall in your favorite room. And by the way, TSV has learned that they can easily be painted, preferably spray painted – we don’t want to be too nice to the environment, in any color you see fit.

The Stylish Vegan wants to give a quick shout out to the latest member of our blog list, Veganbilly. This tasty site is chock full of everything from recipes to fashion.  Check them out and, VegHeads, always leave a message when visiting a vegan website. Let them know you’re out there and appreciate what they are doing. This shit ain’t easy in a fucked up carnie world! Adios.

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Back In the Vegan Saddle with Vengeance

March 10th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, General Rants, TSVDBHF Comments Off

Vegan Nation, your hero of all that is vegan fashion is back from a brief hiatus. Yes, The Stylish Vegan had to take a short break to attend to travel for work. Rather than bore you with my internment in the arctic chill of Minnehoopolis, I decided to spare you all. You are very, very welcome.

Much has happened in the vegan world whilst freezing my animal-friendly ass off for several days. Particularly, a rather hideous backlash toward our wonderful animal friends. Rather than be sad, TSV has decided to channel that particular emotion into anger, as usual. So, Veganistos, that leads us to a new and exciting feature, TSV’s Douche Bag Hall of Fame!

Not to be confused with The VegNews Frivolous Celeb of the Day, TSVDBHF, focuses on, well, regular ol’ asswipes. These are the lowest of the carnie world. The types that would make you want to firebomb all the Outback Steak joints in the countries. The stanky bottom dwellers of the animal destroying population; your Ted Nugent types, if you will.

Jumping with both muscular legs right into it, our #1 TSV Douche Bag Hall of Famer, easily goes to this moron:

It’s the King of Puppy Killers and god knows what else, David Mortari! Of course everyone knows by now, VegHeads, that asshole Mortari threw a pup off of a cliff in Iraq. What we don’t know is what else this limp-dicked wonder has murdered. Of course, it could be that this is the dweeb’s way of proving his manhood, since his sexy underwear shot didn’t quite get the ladies he had hoped for and he’s killed nothing else. TSV is betting on this theory.

One’s bravado is certainly challenged when a six week old dog is better endowed than yourself. Poor, poor Mortari, if only you had been reading The Stylish Vegan, you would have known that meat eating decreases the size of your manly member. See how easily this all could have been avoided. There is some good news in all of this, kiddos, google his name and you can find his address, his mother’s address, his sister’s address, etc. Be a good vegan and please, please harass the living hell out of these people. Guilt by association – sorry fam.

Enough about puppy pitchers and on to golfing. The number 2 entrant into TSVDBHF is pro golfer Tripp Isenhour.

Check out this article here. It appears that shit-for-brains Isenhour was “charged with killing a hawk on purpose with a golf shot because it was making noise as he videotaped a TV show.” Of course, Trippy says he was only trying to “scare the bird away” by shooting balls up into a tree where the menace perched. And only a “one-in-a-million shot of dumb luck” actually hit and silenced the demon squawker – permanently.

Ok, not only is this major fuckwad not good enough to stay on the tour, he wears awful striped golfing shirts. Hell, forget the whole bird killing thing, TSV thinks this guy should be hung by his balls just for wearing such atrocious clothing. Lesson learned: wearing ugly golf attire will lead you on a hawk killing rampage which will ultimately land you in a cell next to Isenhour. And believe me, you don’t, I repeat, don’t want to share a cell ever with some dude named Tripp.

Finally, we come to our third Douche Bag; the mentally deficient Brit, Bear Grylls.

Now I confess, Vegan Nation, The Stylish One had never heard of this pea brain until happening across a show on the Discovery Channel called Man vs. Wild while visiting a friend. Apparently, the man with the oh so idiotic first name, parachutes into some remote area where he only has his “survival skills” to survive. Well, that and help from the crew and others who set up animals to be “snared” by this courageous lad.

On this particular episode, our brave ex-soldier, was dropped into the middle of Iceland, in winter no less. Of course, he did have his camera crew and he did have the assistance of a local farmer who happened to leave a dead goat, freshly killed, for him to demonstrate his keen “survival skills”. MSV gasped in horror when this Major Douche took out his knife and proceeded to carve out the eyeball of this goat since that’s where the “majority of protein is”. That’s good to know. TSV may use that the next time I happen upon a freshly-staged dead goat.

What a fucking coward. Let’s see some real survivor skills. How about dropping this numbnuts into the middle of this:

That’s inner city Detroit. Nothing staged – well maybe a few dead rodents – but he’s on his own. I give him half hour to an hour before his sorry ass is screaming for his life. Now that would make fabulistic television!

So, Vegan Nation, there seems to be a common thread amongst our TSVDBHFamers. Yes, they all senselessly kill animals for their own amusement and their obvious lack of self-esteem. But aside from that, check out the wardrobe on all three of these clowns. If there is ever an inspiration to dedicate yourself to looking Vegan Dapper, just link to this page and I guarantee your v-neck sports logo sweater will immediately find it’s way into the trash.

Ahhhh, it’s so nice to be back!

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Hot Diggity Vegan Dawg!

February 12th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Food, VegNews Frivolous Celeb Comments Off

Vegan Nation, there is nothing as fucking disgusting as a hot dog. Fuuuucking disgusting! Yet somehow these bizarre meaty paste-filled tubes have been a staple of this country for years. Carnies seem to gobble ‘em up so quickly they need moronic contests to see who can suck down the most. TSV always wonders how wrecked the toilet must be after such a competition. Scary.

Alright, enough with the grossiosities, already. We’re stuck with these goddam things so, obviously, they are going to transfer over into our wonderfully glorious world known as VeganLand – such a lovely place it is. The Stylish One is asked regularly by my meat-munching amigos what the best veggie dog is for their kids. This is usually followed by this idiotic phrase, “Because my kids don’t like the ones I bought. They want real hot dogs.” Really? Then why the fuck did you give them those horrific mysterious meat shafts to begin with?!

MSV and your hero have no kids, we’re too “green” for that. (I truly hope you can read the sarcasm in that line.) But I wonder why parents don’t just start their kids off with the infinitely healthier version of these things. How hard can it be, people? Since they don’t and since I am always asked, post purchase, which is the best, I feel compelled to respond in today’s Fake-Meat-O-Rama segment.

TSV has tried pretty much all of them, even the Worthington things stuffed into the can back in the day. Most of them suck. And since I haven’t had a real hot dog in probably 16 years or so, I may not be the best judge. I eat what I like, Veganistos, and here are my faves.

From LightLife (yes, they are owned by mega food slinger ConAgra but they do put out some good products.)

And from Yves:

Again, these are both fab choices. TSV rotates between all of the above when the hot dog mood hits. I guarantee, kid owners, you should give these to those adorable tots before anything else. Anything. No Morningstar, no “tofu” dogs, just these. And whatever the hell you do, don’t tell them they ain’t the “real” thing. I am stunned that non greenies with kids tell the little tykes that they aren’t real hot dogs before they serve them. That always goes over really well with the wee ones.

Of course, TSV’s top dog is once again from our dearest of friends at Turtle Island Foods.

Yes, while not for everyone, especially the kiddos, this vegan loves these little tubular things. Never leave me Tofurky, never!

Alright, VegHeads, there you have it; hot dogs done right. Carnies, give them to your kids. And for God’s sake, use some common sense and don’t tell them what they are. You will be able to sleep knowing you didn’t give little Johnny a tube filled with intestines, hearts, livers, snouts or testicles. Although, TSV has heard that some veggie dogs may contain stems and leaves. Oh, how disgusting!!

The Stylish Vegan loves the darling of VegNews, ecorazzi.com, since they provide such wonderful material for my site. They, with the full support of supposed vegan mag, VegNews, seem to embrace the hypocrisy of celebdom and feel compelled to spread their sycophantic love to the world. Thank you, friends, you make my job easier. This of course leads us to today’s VegNews Frivolous Celeb of the Day, as promoted by ecoratsy, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Apparently, Ms. Michelle Gellar was in a “sexy ad” for Vaseline to promote skin care. And, since there was an auction involved to raise awareness, this makes her a superstar in the “green” world. That’s great, Sarah! You’re the best! Except we all know that Vaseline, aka Unilever, is one of the worst offenders on the planet for testing their products on animals. So while Gellar and her kiss-ass friends like ecoratsy promote her benevolence, more cats get shitty chemicals forced into their eyes. TSV is sooooo glad VegNews decided to endorse this non-vegan/veggie/humane site. Way to go, kids!

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Sheep Fur Gives Me the Woolies

February 5th, 2008 Jerry Posted in Animal Rights, Overcoats 1 Comment »

In The Stylish Vegan’s recent search for a sexy and stylish overcoat, the topic of wool and its various offspring, has arisen on several occasions. When dealing with fashion, Vegan Nation, wool will inevitably be a fabric of choice for many designers. Not only does this make shopping difficult for The Dandy One, it’s awful, cruel, inhumane and tortuous to the animal that’s giving up its coat.

I’m constantly asked by the carnie crowd and the wishy-washies (aka: vegetarians) “what’s the problem with wool?” Oh you silly uninformed computer illiterates. I assume they’re comp illits since anybody with a computer, internet connection and any idea how to search Google, would find an easy answer and stop wasting my time. But since those folks do exist somehow, TSV feels compelled to give some direction. Short answer:

Wool is extremely cruel to the sheep that the practice of shearing and mulesing torture.

Pretty simple. It’s like the whole dairy question that’s always thrown at me; “Hey, man, they ain’t killing the animal, so what’s the problem, dude?” Having answered this over and over and over, I’ll repeat it one last time. It’s better to kill a being than to torture it. You want to argue that point? You’ll lose.

Vegheads, this is an important issue and one that you should increase your education. This link from our dear friends at Peta describes the entire hideous practice of the wool business. Read it and arm yourself with some facts for those computer illiterates that haven’t figured out search engines yet. TSV is amazed to no end that people can’t see this connection. But I have to step back and realize that we haven’t all evolved our brain function to the wondrous superior state of The Stylish One.

Ok, now that you’re armed and ready to bitch out anyone on the topic of wool, let’s get to overcoats. Thankfully, the weather here in the gorgeous Emerald City, allows for lighter fabrics to don. Nylon and Tencel are designer choices for stylin topcoats these days. Here’s one of my favorites from Michael Kors:

Very sharp, Veganistos! And made from our allies, Poly and Ester. No sheep torture involved at all. In addition to our animal-friendly sensibilities, remember fashion rules the day. Always, without question, wear an overcoat that is the same size as your jacket size. And, never let it drape further than your knees. Unless you want to look like a sleaze ball. That’s up to you.

So as TSV’s quest for the perfect overcoat enters its early stages, you have little doubt that I will keep the Vegan Nation on the best of the best in animal-less world of outerwear. Until then, remember this little guy. I bet those cuts on his head don’t hurt at all.

Today’s VegNews Frivolous Celeb of the Day brings us the useless and irritating singing? group, the Spice Girls. While Posh is no stranger to this important cyber journal, the rest of the gals are making their debut. Apparently, the Girls decided to end their “reunion” tour early which upset many fans. (Who knew anybody would care?!) The good news, it prompted some creative anger and this parody was created. It’s very funny and belongs on this anti-celeb-worshipping, veganistic site. Have fun.

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